format JSON – JSON is a format used for data exchange and is the acronym for JavaScript Object Notation.

It is based on the JavaScript language and is used a lot for asynchronous programming, therefore with ajax, as we will see in the next lessons.

JSON is a text format, so it is a string. It allows you to aggregate data and follows the syntax of JavaScript objects.

But it can be used independently of JavaScript, in fact many programming languages ​​use it and therefore also allow you to do the parse.

A JSON object is created using a pair of curly brackets that are used to contain the whole object. Then, inside these brackets, the various properties are inserted indicating key-value pairs and making sure to use double quotes for both the key and the value. Each property of the object is separated by a comma.

format JSON – example

Let’s take some examples of JSON objects.

This is an example of JSON format:


The json data is described as key-value pairs, in this example we have an auto object with some property, as for example: tyoe, model, color, ecc.

The JSON object can be even more complex, as for example this API:

format JSON e JavaScript

A JavaScript object is very similar to a JSON.

Let’s take an example of using JSON with JavaScript. So let’s take our usual auto object and write it as a JSON object, remembering that it’s a string.

Since it is a string we can use the simple superscript or the double superscript, without going to a new line. Or you can use the backtick (`) that is the back-to-back apex. To obtain the back-to-back apex, just hold down the ALT key and at the same time the numbers 0096 on the numeric keypad.

So let’s see a JSON object written using backticks:

var car = `{

and without:

var car = '{

Or alternatively, you can join the strings with the + operator, as shown in the example below:

var car = '{'
  + '"type":"Fiat",'
  + '"model":"500",'
  + '"color":"white",'
  + '"powerSupply":"gas",'
  + '"year":"2010"'+

If we try to do the console.log we will notice that what we have written is not an object but a string.


In the next lesson we will see how to parse the following code in order to convert it into a JavaScript object.

For more information on the format JSON, you can consult the reference site:

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